Bathroom Panels Ideas And Options

Bathroom panels enhance the beauty and looks of your bathroom. These decorative panels are exclusively manufactured for decorative purposes, which is of course long lasting. You might have seen worn out tiles that render old and dreary look to your bathroom. Installing ceramic tiles could be exciting but you should always go for a thing that stays for a long time. Conversely, bathroom panels remain neat and clean for a long time. You do not require polishing or re-installing them, these panels are easy to install and do not render lackluster looks to your bathroom.

Imperative things to Consider while Installing Bathroom Panels

Before you install bathroom panels, consider following important things.

  • The panels you are going to choose should always be water proof. This not only gives a good hygiene but also superb durability.
  • Material should be steam competent. Ensure that material can sustain steam.
  • Panels should be detergent or cleaner resistant so material do not get weathered or tarnished.
  • Panels should be affordable.
  • Bathroom panels should always be manufactuured with durable materials.
  • Apart from adornment factor, ensure usability factor of these decorative panels.
  • Thickness of these panels must range from 15mm to 20mm.

Materials Used

Generally, two types of materials are widely used in bathroom wall paneling. You can select material according to your requirement. Two widely used paneling types are UPVC paneling and Wood paneling.

UPVC wall paneling:

UPVC bathroom panels are widely used panels. People prefer installing UPVC bathroom panels because of infinite utilities. Following are the reasons to install UPVC panels to your bathroom. These are

  • Durability
  • Water resistant
  • Steam resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Available in range of colors and designs
  • Bleach and detergent resistant

Moreover, you get stunning designs and styles of UPVC bathroom panels. Best designs include mosaic tile patterned, marble patterned, rock patterned and wooden patterned. You can select the style that perfectly goes with your home décor.

Wooden Wall Paneling

People do like gorgeous looks and that is why they like installing wooden bathroom panels to walls of their bathrooms. These panels give modish and stylish look to your bathroom. Following are the reasons to install wooden bathroom panels to your bathroom walls.

  • These panels are extremely sturdy.
  • You can embellish your walls with unique look that matches with your home décor.
  • Wooden panels are moisture resistant.
  • These panels are available in variety of designs and styles.
  • You have the opportunity to select plywood, timber wood, hardboard, fiberboard, faux wood, rustic wood and engineered wood for your bathroom walls paneling.

Designs and Styles

You can opt for variety of designs and styles. Embellish your home décor according to your lifestyle. Latest and trendy styles could be searched online. Commonly used bathroom panels are installed in different styles that take account of vertical style, diagonal style, brick style and horizontal style. Other unique and exclusive styles include complete wall paneling, small square wall paneling and particular wall paneling. All these styles are so to facilitate you. Online retail shops and online manufacturers provide you with latest designs and styles of bathroom panels that compliment your bathroom walls.

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